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PACK Afro Queen

PACK Afro Queen

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Avec le Pack Afro Queen choisissez des produits dédiés à l'entretien des cheveux frisés à crépus pour les garder en pleine santé et sublimer leur texture naturelle.

Ce pack comprend : 

Le shampoing purifie et nettoie en profondeur le cuir chevelu afin de le détoxifier. (250 ml)

    • Wonder Smoothie
      Le leave-in de la gamme Curl Hibiscus, pour hydrater vos longueurs. (250ml)

Le bain d'huiles stimule la pousse et renforce les cheveux. (250 ml)

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We are proud to combine the cleanest and most sought -after organic raw materials with healthy and non-aggressive chemistry in order to offer you natural and effective care.

What is Authentic Cosmetics?

This is our guarantee of quality in 3 steps . To offer you even better than made in France by being the only laboratory in France dedicated to anti- hair loss and regrowth for textured hair . Then be able to offer 100% homemade products, a perfect symbiosis of nature and science . Finally, be a company on a human scale and beneficial.

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