Shandrani, la beauté universelle selon Ô Magazine

Shandrani, universal beauty according to Ô Magazine

From ethnic beauty to plural beauty

Gone are the days when appropriating products from the ethno-cosmetic market turned out to be a real obstacle course. Previously only available in certain areas, the choice was limited. Consumers looking for quality were therefore often forced to place their orders abroad, mainly in the United States. This with the disadvantages of extended delays and expensive prices. Today, specialized brands, large retailers and even cosmetics giants have diversified their beauty focus. Faced with the requirements of well-informed consumers, the choice has widened thanks in particular to the Internet tool. Following the buzz on forums and tutorials from bloggers, 2010 will mark the implosion in France of a wave of new French brands devoted to diversified beauty . Finally, women of all types also refer to this targeted market and thus constitute a new clientele.

Innovative and efficient products

Shandrani is part of this process of evolution oriented towards interbreeding . Through its universal sounds, it turns resolutely towards plural beauty . Afro, Asian or Caucasian…like a heterogeneous team that leaves nothing to chance. Indeed, this SME made up of passionate people has its own research and production laboratory. From formula preparation to packaging, the French company is the creator and manufacturer of its line of cosmetics. For the sake of ever more efficient products, it offers work on unique formats. She also strives to bring irreproachable ethics to her compositions with flagship ingredients such as baobab and aloe Vera. Shandrani first made a name for itself with the Easy Pouss range specializing in anti-hair loss hair programs . Then Aloe locks , a range intended for protective hairstyles (braids, locks, braids, buns).

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