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Routine capillaire cheveux crépus

Hair routine for frizzy hair

In recent years, the natural returns to the gallop for our greatest happiness and the frizzy hair is no exception to the rule. Loving yourself naturally, fully reclaiming your body and your nature of hair without constraints is a real freedom! Moreover, this trend has emerged under the pretty name of “nappy hair”, a contraction of natural and happy.

But wearing your beautiful curls proudly still requires attention, which is why it is important to do hair routines .

Focus on the structure of frizzy hair

The lovely crimp of frizzy hair comes from the curved shape of the hair follicle and deeply implanted in the scalp. This position allows the hair to grow in waves, more or less tight, in a so-called "reverse" way and therefore evolves up instead of down. This creates the impression of volume and density. Organized in this way, your hair naturally protects you against the harmful effects of the sun.

However, the more or less marked waves represent potential hair breakage points. In addition, due to its implantation, the follicle does not allow a large secretion of sebum which does not reach all the lengths, thus favoring a dry scalp and drier and more fragile hair.

It is therefore essential to adopt a solid hair routine. Zoom on how to take care of your curls without it being far-fetched!

Bet on strong hydration!

For beautiful natural curls, the key word is: HY-DRA-TA-TION. Indeed, your hair needs a lot of water and permanently to prevent the hair fiber from breaking or your scalp itching and eventually producing dandruff.

To avoid its inconvenience, we advise you to apply Shandrani x Easy Pouss Cactus Cream , once or twice a week from roots to ends. Thanks to its hydro-regulating active ingredients, it forms a protective film to preserve hydration and strengthens the hair.

The more you moisturize, the healthier and shinier your hair will grow! So be generous 😊

Do oil baths

Vegetable oils have many benefits for the hair. In addition, to promote their growth, they strengthen the hair and prevent it from breaking and the appearance of split ends.

Doing oil baths is therefore an essential step for a beautiful natural mane.

To maximize the effects, we advise you to apply oils such as coconut, hemp or 100% natural castor oil before shampooing, massaging gently with your fingers and then leaving on for several hours or even overnight. so that your hair fully absorbs them and is protected for longer.

Shampoo your hair

Secreting little sebum, frizzy hair only needs one shampoo per week to eliminate pollution and impurities. Ideally, a mild shampoo to avoid further attacking the scalp. Thus, the Easy Pouss x Shandrani shampoo will gently cleanse your hair thanks to its fine foam.

Adopt protective hairstyles

Braids, buns, pigtails, scarf, … there are many ways to style your hair while protecting your roots and ends from external aggressions and dryness. But for the hairstyle to be protective, avoid wearing it too long or too tight, which could have the opposite effect and damage your hair.

To take care of your protective hairstyle, Shandrani has developed the Aloe Locks range which helps with styling while providing hydration and shine.

Wrap your hair in silk

At night to avoid drying out your hair, wrap your hair in a silk scarf or sleep on a satin pillowcase. Unlike cotton, these materials will not absorb water from your hair and will allow you to reduce friction and therefore breakage.

Opt for a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle also influences the health of our hair and boosts growth! To further stimulate hair growth, you can fall for the Hair Vitamin Gummies , rich in vitamins and nutrients, they will nourish your hair and have a beneficial effect on your nails and your skin!

Ready to take care of your natural hair and make a splash?

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