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Routine capillaire cheveux afros

Afro hair hair routine

Our hair is a reflection of our personality. Throughout history, they have been the symbol of many changes around the world and still are today. But the afros hair is even more proof. Each curl is unique and every woman deserves beautiful hair. So what routine to adopt for our first beauty apparatus.

To maintain its beautiful curls, opt for suitable products, formulated with natural active ingredients carefully selected for healthy hair.

Respectful of the environment and your hair, Shandrani products are developed in France and designed for each type of hair.

Afro hair is dry by nature due to the sebum that is naturally present and difficult to flow over the lengths. Thus, moisturize generously and daily with nourishing care to protect your scalp and your lengths and facilitate their styling.

Start with a pre-shampoo treatment with the Easy Pouss X Shandrani Growth Elixir , it helps fight hair loss and accelerates hair growth by improving blood circulation. You can apply it daily by massaging for 3 minutes.

For washing, opt for the Easy Pouss x Shandrani mild shampoo which stimulates hair growth. Dry in nature, we advise you to wash them only once a week. Then apply a treatment that will deeply hydrate your hair and bring softness and suppleness while detangling it. The Easy Pouss x Shandrani conditioner , formulated with natural keratin, aloe vera, beeswax and olive oil, will be your perfect post-shampoo ally to revitalize and strengthen your hair.

To complete the action of the conditioner, apply a hair mask suitable for your hair. Indeed, it is important to be attentive to the needs of your hair. Thus, Shandrani has developed two masks:

  • The Easy Pouss Nutri Mask, formulated with vegetable proteins and Baobab and Babassu oils, helps rebuild the hair fiber and deeply repairs your hair following coloring or chemical treatments.
  • The Easy Pouss Hydra Mask , a subtle blend of Honey, Aloe Vera, Yoghurt and coconut, makes hair detangling easier. Thanks to its creamy texture, your hair quickly regains suppleness and shine.

For more efficiency, apply your mask using a wide-toothed wooden brush that will gently detangle your hair. Leave for 20 to 30 minutes under a charlotte. Once your hair has been rinsed, remove excess water with a microfiber towel without rubbing to avoid tangling and breakage. Avoid the hair dryer at all costs! Indeed, the high temperature will tend to cancel all the benefits of the care used and make your hair foamy. Opt instead for natural drying in the open air or equip yourself with a diffuser that will allow you to bring a glamorous volume to your hair without drying it out by first applying a thermo-protective treatment.

To preserve the hydration of your hair, protect it from external aggressions and facilitate its styling, use the hair milk Easy Pouss x Shandrani which will help detangle your hair and smooth your cuticles to avoid split ends that can appear due to dryness. , then apply the Easy Pouss x Shandrani Cactus Cream to your roots and lengths, emphasizing the ends. For better absorption, massage your scalp for 5 minutes.

Finally, to finish your routine in style, you can use the Easy Pouss x Shandrani styling wax which, in addition to styling small hairs and fixing them, also contributes to hair growth.

To prolong the effects of the treatments, you can opt for protective hairstyles such as vanillas, pigtails or braids or wrap your hair in a pretty scarf. Protective hairstyles prevent friction and preserve the hydration of your hair longer against external aggressions. For a protective hairstyle to remain effective, keep it between 2 and 3 weeks.

During this time, you can use the Aloe Locks x Shandrani range , formulated with highly moisturizing and purifying active ingredients. It effectively fights against possible irritations and relieves the scalp.

Take care of your hair, and be ready to shine!

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