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Repousse des cheveux : nos solutions

Hair regrowth: our solutions

Shandrani is an eco-responsible cosmetics brand, as we only offer products free of chemical substances. Our production line is very selective in order to provide all women with quality care.

We believe that every woman deserves honored treatment. This is why we have developed a range of products suitable for all hair types. If your hair grows too slowly or hardly at all, we offer our Easy Pouss range.

Discover our Easy Pouss range

We know perfectly well that all women around the world are facing the same problem. At some point in life, you experience inexplicable hair loss. Sometimes the growth slows down or fades completely.

The causes are multiple and our products have been manufactured to remedy them. External attacks such as excessive heat, chemical products and repeated styling weaken the hair, accelerate hair aging until they disrupt the hair cycle.

A poor lifestyle, such as an unbalanced diet, lack of sleep or even stress impacts the production of keratin cells. Consequently, the growth phase is disturbed, slowed down or stopped.

We have concocted our Easy Pouss range especially for you. It includes anti-hair loss products to strengthen them. They will limit hair loss on one side and stimulate growth on the other.

To facilitate the use of our products, we offer them according to specific routines. Each responds to a particular need. If you are looking for an anti hair loss treatment, follow our anti hair loss and regrowth routine.

Skincare products for your beauty ritual

Our anti-hair loss and regrowth routine is essentially composed of growth elixirs, Boost+ box, baobab oil, shampoo, conditioner, hair milk and hair vitamins. Each product has specific actions on the scalp, the hair bulb, the production of keratin or even the hair fibres.

We show you the effectiveness of our very first product: the elixir of growth. All our products are based on this rejuvenating anti-hair loss treatment. Filled with natural active ingredients, this elixir stops hair loss and accelerates regrowth. It works by eliminating dandruff that hinders natural hair growth. Then, it strengthens the roots and ensures better blood circulation of the scalp.

For this, we recommend that you apply the product daily for dry hair, 3 times a week for normal hair and 2 times a week for oily hair. Apply this anti hair loss treatment while massaging your scalp to activate blood flow to the roots and hair follicles. Regrowth can only be accelerated.

Then, Shandrani offers you the Boost+ treatment, ampoules concentrated in fibres, minerals, amino acids and trace elements. It essentially prevents dehydration and hair loss thanks to its 4 main components: Aloe Vera, castor oil, garlic and orange water. Your hair becomes more vigorous and dense from the first month of use.

We advise you to apply the anti hair loss product line by line on the scalp. The ideal is to use this product once a week alternately with our growth elixir for an effective result. However, in the event of severe hair loss, you can use it up to 4 times a week for 3 months by gradually reducing the number of applications.

Dietary supplement treatments

Our experts regularly carry out research and checks to improve the quality of our products. Hair problems have external causes, but also internal ones. A nutritional deficiency can then cause a disruption: hair loss or reduced regrowth.

Sometimes hair cells don't get the nutrients they need on a daily basis. As a result, the hair no longer grows normally, it becomes dull, flat and brittle. To remedy this problem, we offer an anti hair loss treatment based on a food supplement.

We offer you our Hair Vitamins, a 3-month treatment that is suitable for all women, whatever the nature of your hair. They come in the form of gummies with playful and original shapes. By the way, they are very delicious with an orange-flavored aroma. These food supplements are herbal to deeply nourish your hair, strengthen it and make it grow normally.

Our Hair Vitamins contains many vitamins and minerals to mention only vitamin C to strengthen hair growth, vitamin B6 to prevent hair loss, vitamin E to protect against external aggressions, vitamin B9 to stimulate the hair follicle, vitamin B12 and vitamin A to beautify them. We advise you to take 2 gummies a day.

Our main values ​​for the beauty of your hair

We are a joint and mixed team very concerned about the environment and health. We have 100% control of our production chain to offer the best to our customers. Thus, we guarantee you chemically clean products, but not only!

Our products have been concocted to suit all hair types. Whether you have straight hair, wavy hair or afro hair , you can stimulate regrowth with our Easy Pouss range.

Moreover, we exclusively offer our hair care in quality ethical stores, chains specializing in hairdressing, pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Find at Shandrani the healthiest and most effective hair regrowth treatment you will need.

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