En mode cocooning : la routine capillaire de cet hiver

In cocooning mode: this winter's hair routine

That's it ! The magic of Christmas operates once again, dispelling the gloom. Make way for the enchantment of fir trees and illuminated shop windows! It's also a good time to cocoon and take care of yourself. Indeed, the winter period and its avalanche of inconvenience on the hair is not unknown to us. So it's time to face winter in complete serenity with a hair routine adapted to the season... in hibernation mode!

A seasonal routine: focus on hydration

To those who tear their hair out as soon as the hair routine is mentioned: don't panic! It is above all a question of adopting the right gestures for gentle care. In winter, the hair deserves all the more special attention as it is strongly attacked. Indeed, the natural film that protects the hair fiber is altered by the cold. The latter therefore no longer sufficiently fulfills its main role, which is to maintain hydration. To this, we must add the transition from freezing temperatures outside to overheated atmospheres inside, which does not help. And also the wind, the rain and the lack of sun, so many hassles that mistreat the hair. Result: split ends, dandruff, hair loss. …a lot of undesirable effects to banish from your wishlist !

The oil bath: the first gentle gesture

In relaxation mode, it's time to detect the first telltale signs. Do you find your hair dull and a little rough ? Before witnessing the “straw bale” effect, an oil bath before shampooing will help replenish them with lipids. Preferably opt for a pure vegetable oil such as black cumin oil. What is still called the oil of the pharaohs was used by Queen Nefertiti during her beauty rituals. The Shandrani Easy Pouss brand offers us a 100% virgin and organic Nigella oil obtained by first cold pressing to guarantee its natural properties. We can also combine it with 100% natural castor oil from Shandrani Easy Pouss which will bring vigor and volume. To be applied to the hair, strand by strand, and leave on under a plastic film, wedged in front of a Christmas series .

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