Des cheveux parfaits avec Shandrani x Easy Pouss !

Perfect hair with Shandrani x Easy Pouss!

Discover here the perfect hair routine approved by SHANDRANI x Easy Pouss

Since returning from vacation, you have noticed that your hair is very dry and brittle. With the sea water and the constant exposure to the sun they had become fragile. Discover here the perfect hair routine to have beautiful shiny hair. Indeed, it's time to take charge of the health of your hair to attack the start of the school year with hair worthy of the name. Here is a simple hair routine suitable for everyone.

1. First make an oil bath (pre-shampoo)

Before the shampoo to strengthen your hair: use a mixture of baobab , hemp and castor oils to which you can add shea butter. Then leave the mixture on before shampooing for 30 minutes for those in a hurry, all night for the most patient and for those with very dry hair.

2. Once the exposure time is over

Rinse your hair with clear water then shampoo your hair with our sulphate-free vitaminized anti -hair loss shampoo. Its super foam and the combination of mild cleansing agents will allow you to wash your hair gently without irritating it further.

3. Follow shampoo with conditioner

It will provide hydration and nutrition to your hair. Leave it on for 2 to 15 minutes. For the driest and most fragile hair, it is recommended to use the Hydra mask from the same range and leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes or longer for the more patient.

4. After rinsing out the conditioner / mask it is important to prolong the hydration

Bring to your hair during this care ritual: separate your hair in 2 (in 4 or 6 for the thickest hair) and apply without moderation the moisturizing hair milk starting with the ends and going up on the lengths while detangling with your fingers or with a brush.
If you have dry or even very dry hair, it is advisable to seal the hydration provided by the hair milk with a vegetable oil ( baobab or castor oil ), to prevent the hydration from leaking out of your beautiful hair.

5. To tame and define your curls, use Styling Mousse all over the hair.


Your hair is hydrated, without a "cardboard" effect. You are ready to attack a good day of intense work (or relaxation).

And you, what is your daily hair care routine?
Do you share your secrets with Shandrani products?

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